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Taunton remodeling contractorAs a local Taunton home improvement company, New England Home Improvement seeks to make the design build process of your home renovation easy. We offer a complete range of home renovation services, and can help you from concept to construction with both your interior and exterior remodeling needs.

With New England Home Improvement taking care of your Taunton home improvement project, it's as easy as counting to five! Our design build remodeling process is simple:

  • You talk, we listen - you have our full attention
  • We turn your ideas into designs and plans
  • We schedule a construction conference to make sure we're all on the same page
  • Construction Phase: We make your ideas come to life!
  • The Final Punch list: Everything about your home renovation is perfected down to the smallest detail!

At New England Home Improvement we handle all phases of Taunton home renovation projects, from pulling permits, electrical, plumbing, heating, flooring, cleaning, and hauling away the debris. We use highly skilled, conscientious technicians, and we do everything possible to finish your project quickly, without sacrificing quality. New England Home Improvement has over 30 years of experience providing Taunton home improvement services. Our expertise as professional remodeling contractors and design build specialists allows us to interpret your home’s age, architecture, style, neighborhood concerns, market value, resale concerns, and design trends to provide you with the most value for your money when you choose us to manage your Taunton home improvement project. Call us today toll free at 855-40BUILD to learn more!

New England Home Improvement - Taunton Remodeling Contractor

New England Home Improvement specializes in design build services. There is nothing you can dream that we can’t build! But at the same time, we will not waste your time showing you Taunton home renovation projects that you’re not interested in, can’t afford, or that will price your home out of the market. Everything specified on the proposal is included - there are no hidden surprises.

By combining design and construction, we are the Taunton remodeling contractor that saves you time and money through our design build services. Our total involvement in your project ensures that your custom home renovation blends both the reality of your budget and the expanse of your dreams.

New England Home Improvement is a state licensed Taunton remodeling contractor. We also carry General Liability and Workers’ Compensation Insurance for your safety and quality assurance. Learn more about our design build process and the many interior and exterior home remodeling services we provide by contact us today. We look forward to helping you turn your remodeling ideas into a reality!

Taunton Home Renovation

At New England Home Improvement we want to live up to your expectations and give you what you paid for and deserve when you choose us to serve as your Taunton remodeling contractor. It is our intent to make sure every client is completely satisfied with our Taunton home renovation services, not only at the time their project is being completed, but long after it has been finished.

To make sure these expectations are met, we offer a two year, 100% workmanship guarantee as well as a FREE Anniversary Inspection Program. If there is a problem with the workmanship, we'll come back to fix it - for FREE. Regardless if you hire us for a complete Taunton home renovation, design build, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling, room additions, deck building, porches, roofing, siding, doors or replacement windows, New England Home Improvement is dedicated to providing quality workmanship. Get more for your money - call New England Home Improvement today!

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Taunton Kitchen Remodeling

Is the kitchen the busiest place in your household? From eating to cooking to social gatherings, Family members converge in the kitchen constantly. If this sounds like your home, you might want to consider investing in a professional Taunton kitchen remodeling contractor to help you organize this space into something enjoyable and inviting. The kitchen should be responsive to all your needs, from cooking to holding utensils to storing food to providing a nice, warm atmosphere for gathering and socializing, and your kitchen design should be able to cater to all these need simultaneously and effectively. If it doesn't seem like your kitchen is doing this, it is time to consider investing in Taunton kitchen remodeling.

In planning for your Taunton kitchen remodeling project, make sure to factor in ease and comfort, effective room space utilization, and simplicity of design. The kitchen should be viewed as a haven and not a space for mess and disorder. By carefully planning kitchen designs, such scenarios will be avoided. Also consider the following top tips for having a practical and effective kitchen remodel in Taunton, MA. These tips should help answer any basic questions you have in mind about the kitchen remodeling process, thus helping you get ready for this type of home improvement project:

  • Carefully plan before proceeding with your Taunton kitchen remodeling project. The influences, themes, color schemes, as well as preferred texture should be clear in order to avoid excessive spending. With a definite plan in hand, the kitchen remodeling can be practical and at the same time innovative.
  • Allocate a definite budget for the remodel. After allocating a certain amount for your Taunton kitchen remodeling project, make sure to stick with it. Unnecessary adjustments can lead to wastage of materials bought. With a clear amount in mind, you can plan how to get the most out of your investment.
  • Remember that the kitchen is a space for essential functions: space for storage, preparation space for food, and space for management of waste. These should be carefully integrated in the plan. A wise designer can actually explain to the homeowner the foot traffic inside the kitchen when it becomes too busy. Thus, with the specific functional space made clear, it can be carefully integrated in the plan.
  • Be smart in planning the use of space. Installation of appliances, cabinets, and sink should be carefully thought of. Purchase appliances that are not only affordable, but also space saving. Built in cabinets are more preferred than their loose counterparts, it saves you time in planning where to place them. Make sure to allocate enough space that can accommodate all kitchen wares and utensils. In choosing appliances, compact versions are more favored than the bulky ones, with space as the primary consideration.
  • Choose a good Taunton remodeling contractor. A good remodeling contractor can give you the best estimate and can do the job in the shortest possible time WITHOUT skimping on quality. Make sure that the Taunton remodeling contractor has an excellent track record in order to assure that your kitchen design plan will be implemented well. Thoroughly discuss to the Taunton remodeling contractor exactly what you want to happen after the renovation is completed.

With these tips, grabbing hold of the dream kitchen every one wants is within reach. For more kitchen remodeling ideas and advice, please contact New England Home Improvement at 508-232-6223 today.

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